Stride Self-Advocacy

In response to the increasing need for human rights advocacy in the community, over the past year and a half, the Alberta Somali Community Centre and John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights have come together to support community education and action through the Edmonton Coalition for Human Rights. Thanks to the support of the City of Edmonton, these two partners are about to launch a twelve month series of training in self advocacy related to the most pressing human rights issues in our community.

Every three weeks starting September 23, Stride Self Advocacy project will be hosting afternoon workshops on different areas of social support. We are honoured to have the confirmed assistance of Alberta Works, Alberta Health Advocate, and Capital Region Housing to be presenting and answering community members’ questions in the first three sessions. The remaining sessions will accommodate to expressed community concerns that come up through the first series of sessions.

“This initiative is important because it is easier to give people the tools to advocate for themselves rather than do the work for them every day. We seek to create a safe space where people can understand what supports they are entitled to, how to access them, and what to do in case they can not access.” Habiba Abdulle

Self-advocacy tip sheets will be developed from every workshop that will lay the foundations for future education work and will be made available for the community.

Session Dates:

  • September 23  - Alberta Works (TIP SHEET)
  • October 14 - Health and Mental Health (TIP SHEET)
  • November 4 - Tenant and Housing
  • November 25 - Understanding Discrimination when it Happens
  • December 16 - Understanding your Rights in Employment - Session One
  • January 20 - Understanding your Rights in Employment - Session Two
  • February 17 - to be determined
  • March 10 - to be determined
  • March 31 - to be determined
  • April 21 - to be determined
  • May 12 - to be determined
  • June 2 - to be determined