Engaging Children and Youth

Provide learning and education on inclusion, peace-building and human rights to foster enterprising, inclusive and engaged children and youth, and build school environments that embed children’s rights.


Educating for Human Rights - A Guide for Teachers

YEG Dignity Campaign - School Resource

Dignity Zine 2016

Be a Superhero - Toolkit

Reconciliation Zine

Oceans - Elementary Lesson Plan

Oceans - Junior High Lesson Plan

Oceans - High School Lesson Plan

Indigenous People and Water Rights

Indigenous People and Water Rights - Junior High Lesson Plan

Indigenous Peoples and Water Rights - High School Lesson Plan

Educating for Human Rights: Teacher's Guide

Building Human Rights Communities

Action for Peace

The Point of Pollution: High School Learning Plan

Free2beYOUth: inclusion leadership in schools -  Manual

Ignite Change Now: Leadership Program - Toolkit

Ignite Change Now - Moving Youth to Action

Ignite Change now: Youth Taking Action - Toolkit

Our World. Our Water - Youth Workbook

Exploring Citizenship - Toolkit

Building World Peace - Teaching Resource 

Youth guide to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Fostering Adult Learning and Education

Engage adults of all ages in learning about human rights and bring forward the voice and perspective of citizens, translating this into active civic engagement and informed public policy and practise.


Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Canada - Activity

La Charte canadienne des droits et libertés - Guide à l’intention des jeunes

Youth Guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

History of Hate: Getting a Grip in order to Move Ahead - Study Circle Plan

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Booklet 

Human Rights Booklet

Lead Action Facilitator Training

Photovoice Manual - May 2010

Building Human Rights Communities

Humanity At Home - Human Rights Education for the Family

Dinner Conversations - Hosting Guidelines

Children's Right Assessment Report - Youth Voices

This is Our Canada: One Nation Many Faces - Facilitator Manual

Renegades Zine - This is Our Canada


Building Human Rights Communities

Proudly build on the last decade of work and align with the City of Edmonton to further momentum as a Human Rights City as well as strengthen capacities and networks to build human rights communities.


Mending the Circle: Film Discussion - Toolkit to foster conversation

Mending the Circle: Potluck Dialogues - Toolkit to foster conversation

Human Rights at Home

The Search for Equality and Justice - Alberta's human rights history

Youth Action project on Poverty - 2015 Calls to Action

Youth Action project on Poverty - 2016 Calls to Action

Youth Action Project on JUSTICE - 2017 Calls to Action

Human Rights City Edmonton Phase 1

Human Rights City Edmonton Phase 2




Towards Economic Justice for all Canadians - Canada's Universal Periodic Review

Human Rights Education for Social Justice - Submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council

Get Out and Stay Out: Conversations About Multiculturalism

A More Democratic Alberta - Symposium Report

Natural Disasters Report

Building World Peace: The Role of Religions and Human Rights - Conference Report

Putting Children First - Gal Conference 2014

Gall Conference Report 2012

Get Out Stay Out Official Report

Ignite Change  Now: Global Youth Assembly 2011 Program Report

A More Diverse Alberta

Circle Alberta - Report on Gathering 

Ignite Change Now!: Global Youth Assembly 2009 Program Report