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The Righting Relations work with the Catherine Donnelly Foundation is making great headway in Edmonton and across the country. The John Humphrey Centre has spearheaded a network of radical adult educators and community organizers in Edmonton and across the prairie provinces.

Righting Relations launched with a community gathering to discuss the concept of Righting Relations and learning needs in the community. From this gathering of 60 people, we formed a core team that developed the concept and plan for Righting Relations as an adult educator network and hub.In September, we hosted the rst regional gathering of Righting Relations, a women-led hub that builds initiative and brings adult educators together to strengthen their individual and collective capacity. Twenty-six adult educators from Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg carved out the beginning of a journey towards reconciliation and work to address poverty. Each of these three cities are working to host three learning circles in their communities with local adult educators to build a community-based hub