Dignity day

Breaking stigmas around poverty is at the centre of ending poverty in our city. 

Dignity Day 2017, will focus on the history and present-day realities of the dignity of persons within institutions or under state guardianship.  This includes prisons, mental health facilities, disabilities care centres, seniors’ homes and foster care.  

In 2015, as part of the End Poverty Edmonton strategy and movement, the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC) initiated the YEG Dignity Campaign as an effort to break the stigmatization of poverty  and get the community talking about poverty with compassion.

This Campaign contributes to the End Poverty Edmonton movement, engaging Edmontonians in a dialogue and reflection on dignity and poverty, challenging existing stereotypes and fostering a community commitment to end poverty.  

The YEG Dignity Campaign is more than just an event, it is a sustained engagement in our city to challenge people and will produce outcomes which live beyond the campaign. It will stimulate collective discourse and action on human rights.

In addition, JHC also released a Yeg Dignity Campaign School Resource toolkit and launched a community-wide creative art submissions campaign as part of its partnership with End Poverty Edmonton. The educational toolkit provides a guide to Edmonton teachers, volunteers and youth program leaders to integrate activities in the classroom while contributing to the YEG Dignity Campaign. It challenges students to think about what dignity means at a local level and in their own lives.

The educational toolkit aims to challenge perceptions of poverty and look forward to how Edmontonians can rally together to protect and support all in the community to belong and participate. A copy of the resource toolkit can be found on Scribd.

We are calling schools, teachers, organizations and educators to be part of our YEG Dignity 2017 Campaign, and submit ART for the YEG Dignity Gallery. 

Submission Deadline: Monday, September 4


  • 50 word bio of the artist 
  • 100 word description how the art work is connected to the themes of dignity. 

EVERYONE is welcome to submit 

Join the movement!