Yeg Dignity

YEGDignity was catalyzed by members of JHC’s Youth Action Project back in 2015 as a way to use creative means to speak out on issues related to poverty in our city and change the conversation in regards to our community’s most vulnerable, letting them tell their own stories! Since 2016 we have hosted an annual Dignity Day event that honours lived experience, community based arts and challenges systemic injustices through popular education and celebration.

Our focus this year is on housing and homelessness. We know that currently thousands across our province continue to live without adequate housing or sufficient support. Alberta's homelessness response

We see the power in our collective response; utilizing creative means to educate and shine a light on the multiple barriers at play when it comes to housing. 

On Dignity Day 2019, we are bringing together 4 artists across disciplines to learn, collaborate and create a multi work installation that counters the dominant narrative; centring dignity and human rights as we address complex poverty and homelessness in our city. 

2019 Artist

  • Paiste Paul

  • Shima Aisha Robinson/Dwennimmen

  • Matthew Cardinal is a Multidisciplinary artist that sees art as a home - a comfortable place to escape to, drift away in and a place to release stress and tension. Originally from John D’Or prairie in Alberta, Cardinal’s jovial, optimistic demeanour can often be found in his poetry, drawings, paintings, and music. Inspired by art itself, as well as many of the people in his life (real and street families), Matt hopes his work becomes more recognized so he can share it, and his story, with the world.

  • DayOne


  • John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

  • iHuman Youth Society

  • Righting Relations

  • Self Advocacy Federation and Gateways

  • End Poverty Edmonton

October 16, 2019 we will co-host a Dignity Day press conference and public release of the artistic works, where the media and everyday Edmontonians can add to their collective knowledge on how to build solutions and solidarity with those impacted by poverty and homelessness, locally. 

Dignity Day is funded in part by End Poverty Edmonton, Righting Relations and the City of Edmonton.

Here are some pictures from the 2018 Global Dignity Day Celebrations!

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