This is our canada

This is our Canada is a network of young people across western Canada who are striving to strengthen youth participation, engagement, and increase the feeling of belonging to their local and regional communities. These young renegades are putting reconciliation into action in their communities through education, participation, and dialogue and have planted seeds of change at a local and regional levels. 

This is Our Canada started in 2014 in Goldeye Alberta as a space for young people to come together in spaces of dialogue and to identify ways of working for positive change for human rights and justice.  

In 2017, JHC was proud to be recipient of funding through the Department of Canadian Heritage Inter-Action Program to advance the work of this important network and connect our TIOC team with the radical adult educators and community organizers who are part of Righting Relations to gain leverage and strength. The group will be looking at building education and tools to share the truths of Canada’s colonial history and build spaces for community healing.

Currently we are recruiting young renegades to join circles in Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton. If you are interested in pushing the margins and contributing to work to right relations in Canada, contact us!