Reconciliation in Schools

In 2016, John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC) engaged in a collaborative pilot project with five schools in Edmonton Catholic and Edmonton Public Schools called Advancing Reconciliation in Education. We have created a meaningful process whereby students explore reconciliation from a rights-based lens. The pilot program consisted of nine learning sessions and three student-led Call to Action sessions. We invited elders and community members to share their knowledge on a variety of important topics such as Indigenous language, worldview and treaty.

Our goal in Advancing Reconciliation is to create safe spaces for Indigenous students and their peers to discuss, recommend, and develop student-led initiatives that promote reconciliation in their schools and communities. These are the participating schools’ Calls to Action, which use interactive arts-based learning approaches that focus on Indigenous voices and issues in Canada.

The program is designed to build the capacity of students and teachers and to provide opportunities to connect with the rich and thriving network of Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, community members, artists and activists that work tirelessly to promote Reconciliation in their communities. 

In addition, one of the goals of the project was to create a toolkit with the intention to share some our learnings from the pilot project and provide administration and teachers with a framework to introduce these important topics in the classroom. It is intended for grades 5-12 and is meant to be adapted for the appropriate grade. Each section has links to the Alberta Program of Studies for each grade. 


Advancing Reconciliation in Education Toolkit

Table of Contents:


About Us

Fundamentals of Human Rights

Program Overview

  • Project Background

  • Our Approach

  • Guiding Documents

  • Colonialism Background

  • How to use this Toolkit

Bringing in a Knowledge Keeper

  • Protocol and Respectful Care

  • List of Organizations to bring in an Elder/ Knowledge Keeper

Learning Sessions


For a printed version of the toolkit, please contact us.


Thank you to our School Partners:

  • Evansdale Elementary School Grade 5 (Snippet)

  • Rosslyn Junior High Grade 7 (Snippet)

  • St. Mark Junior High Grade 7-9 (Snippet)

  • Queen Elizabeth High School Grade 10-12 (Snippet)

  • Westmount Fresh Start, Braided Journeys Program (Snippet)

Thank you to our Funders Partners:

  • Government of Canada

  • Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund

  • Government of Alberta, Community Initiatives Program

  • Stollery Charitable Foundation

If you want to book a session or have any inquiry about the toolkit, email us at