Paint the Rails

Conversations on colonization, reclamation and reconciliation through art.

The City of Edmonton chose Paint the Rails as one of its legacy projects for Canada’s 150th anniversary. The project is much more relevant this year as it is also the 140th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 6. Paint the Rails looks to integrate as many cultural communities as possible into the greater story of settlement and reconciliation in Edmonton.

With a focus on reconciliation this project will engage Edmontonians in different ways: Three community engagements happening in summer 2017 throughout the city in which participant’s stories and histories will be shared and collected; a group of diverse artists will lead the community engagement sessions and will mentor emerging artists in the creative process; finally, community will be widely engaged during installations through different art
expressions and video interviews.

Community Engagement Sessions

  • July 13, 2017 @ Boyle St Plaza 5-8 pm
  • July 24, 2017 @ Duggan Community League 5-8 pm
  • August 14, 2017 @ Parkdale-Cromdale Community League 5-8 pm


Paint the Rails proposes to create permanent art installations in six Edmonton LRT stations. The artworks will be inspired by community; artists, elders, knowledge keepers, historians, members of Edmonton’s diverse cultural communities, and other stakeholders are asked to come together to help guide the stories and artistic vision that will inspire the content of the artwork. These murals will tell our shared stories in public places and spark conversations and celebration. Emerging artists and videographers will be mentored by established professionals, building skills among young Edmontonians and sparking creative connections.

Selected Stations