How to Help the Shift 2019 Campaign

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC), Alberta Workers Association for Research and Education (AWARE) and Migrante Alberta have been proud to collaborate on the Shift 2019 People’s Agenda.

Here is how you can help!

Participate in one of our Online Town Halls

Following the launch, we will host three online candidate town hall discussions. During these town halls, we will invite a slate of federal candidates to engage in a discussion about one of three key areas identified in the Peoples’ Agenda:

    • Living Wage and Just Labour on September 13th

    • Environment and Foreign Policy on September 27th

    • Housing on October 4

Email to 

Host Your Own Town Hall

JHC has a limited number of small event grants up to $500 to help support the costs of community coming together to host a town hall. At this town hall, you would invite your local candidates and pull out federal calls from the Agenda and seek their input. Our suggestion is to allow candidates 5 minutes to share their perspective on the chosen Agenda item(s) and then have community ask questions and debate with the candidates about the issue.  Be sure to have a strong moderator. An addition could be to have a community speaker to reflect on a priority issue and then have candidates respond to the speaker with 5 minutes each.

We have compiled a list of candidates which you can access online here.  Send us an email at on what you would like to do and we will respond shortly. We have limited funds so will respond as interest comes in.

Write your Candidates

Send your Member of Parliament candidates an electronic version of the Agenda and ask them to share their perspective on a particular action. When they respond, do share the response over your social media networks to get the awareness out there of their responses and perspectives.  

Go even further and send the Agenda to your Member of the Legislative Assembly or City Councillor. We have calls to action in the Agenda that demand a response from three levels of government.

Attend Local Candidate Events

A simple way to make a statement is to attend planned community candidate forums and ask questions at the mic.  Pick something that matters to you from the Agenda and read the call to action out to the candidates and ask them for their perspective. Is this call feasible? What is their perspective on the issue?

Consider audio or video recording and share with us by email or social media and we can share out.

Follow Us on Social Media

Over the course of the federal campaign, we will be actively promoting relevant calls to action over social media. Follow us and reshare and post!  Share your thoughts on the agenda with us as well!

Twitter: @AgendaShift2019            Facebook: agendashift2019

Neximar Alarcon