Shift 2019: Right to Affordable, Accessible and Inclusive Housing

Shift 2019 Housing Poster

“Basic needs need attention. They are our basic human rights. We are moving to privatization: giving our basic needs such as housing to private entities which should be taken care of by the government.”

“Recognize the right to affordable, accessible and inclusive housing. People need the opportunity to live dispersed throughout the community rather than being congregated into one community because they have disability. There is a recognized need of more funding for housing.”

“Housing needs to be affordable. To eat and live as a senior is hard on CPP.”

“Most places in Fort McMurray only rent rooms. They are not family friendly.”

“Bring in special provisions that people with service dogs do not have to disclose in applications to a landlord. Establish this as a form of discrimination.”

“We need basic income for all people to eliminate homelessness and food insecurity.”

“Provide people living with disability choices in accommodation. Learn how to accommodate through relationships and providing trust to those living with disability. Services to support people with disabilities should be relationship driven and not driven by policy. They must be human centred and apply an approach of learning to accommodate which will ultimately facilitate more inclusion, sustainability and equitable opportunity.”

Calls to Action

Move to build diverse, inclusive and supportive neighbourhoods through:

  • More government owned affordable housing.

  • Accessible housing options in all communities.

  • Building relationships to understand the individual housing needs of those living with a disability.

Neximar Alarcon