Angry Marx by Mav Adecer

“I sat quietly and observed everyone earnestly expressing their desires and frustrations about social justice, migrant rights, and impending the climate collapse. What I noticed, though, is that while there's a lot of Superstructure talk (laws, culture, etc), the participants never quite got to talk about The Base, which is to say our relationship with capital and the means of production.

Underneath our concerns about social justice and the environment is capitalism, which is a Death Cult that we've just taken for granted as the norm. Angry Marx is my way of expressing that the core thing we wanna talk about is right here, staring us in the face.” Mav Adecer

Mav Adecer is a stand-up comedian and cartoonist. He was born and raised in the Philippines but did a lot of growing up all over Canada. He lives in Lethbridge with his wife and their dog.

Angry Marx is part of Shift 2019, a public and educative awareness campaign about critical social and economic justice issues in lead up to the provincial and federal elections in 2019.

Angry Marx by Mav Adecer
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