Luminance by Dana Belcourt

Luminance is part of Shift 2019, a public and educative awareness campaign about critical social and economic justice issues in lead up to the provincial and federal elections in 2019.

“Luminance,” acrylic on canvas, features a woman surrounded by clouds, suggesting a theme of higher knowledge and understanding. In her knowing glance the sun is featured, indicating a spark of hope for a brighter future. This piece shows how we must rise up against bigotry and injustice and learn how to educate ourselves and others to go forth into a brighter new world. “Luminance” brings a message of how we must learn to better ourselves to get to this illuminated future.

More about the artist:

Dana Belcourt is an 19 year old Metis emerging artist who recently graduated from Victoria School of the Arts. Dana grew up in Edmonton on Treaty 6 territory, and uses this cultural influence to shape her work. Her work is based in acrylic paintings filled with deep symbolism revolving around growth and emotion, as well as multi-medium pieces with influences from her heritage and experiences.

Luminace by Dana BelcouDana Belcourt
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