ECAN Presents: Community Arts Exchange


Are you an Arts-based community facilitator? An Art therapist, art teacher or academic looking to connect with a community of practice?  Do you want to participate in conversations that examine the ethics, best practices and advocacy needs of community arts practitioners? Do you want to learn new and tangible skills and arts approaches from seasoned peers?

Pitch an arts based workshop, an open dialogue or salon that addresses local arts community issues, strengthens connections and builds support from the ground up.

ECAN, a local arts network, warmly invites You to Submit a detailed pitch for a 1.5 hr workshop for the Community Arts Exchange March 15-16, 2019.  

*Submissions open until Jan 25, 2019

  • Focus on community-based approaches to art and innovative techniques.  

  • Interactive, experiential and skills building will be given priority.

  • All are welcome to apply; seasoned, emergent and barriered

  • $250 honorarium for workshop facilitator(s)

Contact for more information.

Neximar Alarcon