Shift 2019 Lethbridge: A People's Agenda

Shift 2019 Lethbridge Poster

Call for grassroots organizers across Alberta!

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights (JHC), Alberta Workers Association for Research and Education (AWARE) and Migrante Alberta have come together to create shifts in public awareness about critical social and economic justice issues in lead up to the provincial and federal elections in 2019. 

From January - March, we will be hosting Shift workshops in four communities across the province with community organizers. These workshops will bring diverse grassroots community organizers together to strengthen skills in community organizing while creating a space for reflection and dialogue on critical social justice issues.

Conversations from these four workshops will be harvested and a 10 point People’s Agenda will be built. This agenda will become part of a public education and art campaign to raise awareness among people running for office and voters. Following each workshop and the agenda launch, we have a budget to host a town hall in each community to share the action point agenda locally and invite candidates to participate.

Please also mark your calendars as we prepare to launch the People’s Agenda in Edmonton April 26-27th, 2019. During this event, we will: 

  • Have a team of artists working to visually document the People’s Agenda in an art mural in a working class neighbourhood in Edmonton. 

  • Host a community solidarity rally and evening on April 26th.  

  • Host an open conference on April 27th, officially launching the People’s Agenda, deepening the cross-provincial relationships and allyships outside participants immediate communities. 

  • We hope that you will join us for the workshop in your community. Please RSVP to 

We will confirm all the location closer to the date. It is a priority for us that the location be fully accessible. If you need any further accommodations other than physical accessibility, please let us know and we will work with you to ensure your full participation.

Neximar Alarcon