YEG Dignity 2018: “Nothing About Us Without Us”


YEG Dignity 2018 aims to highlight the intersectionality of lived experiences of the community living with disabilities in and around Edmonton. This initiative is an effort to amplify the voice of people with disability and their daily struggle to end poverty and be included in Edmonton allowing the able bodied community to understand the privileges of ableism and be aware of the systemic barriers. These conversations and shared realities will increase consciousness of the wider community of the concept of inclusivity and accessibility in public and private spheres. Research proves that persons with disability are at high risk of social isolation/social exclusion.

Our programming will be as follows:


Dignity and Disability: Foundations for Students

10 am - 2 pm

In this session, students will learn from community members with lived experience of disability and engage in experiential learning activities that use a poverty lens to challenge them to look at their city and school community from the perspective of someone living with a disability. Participants will come up with strategies and ways of thinking to help shift school culture and recognize the dignity of everyone.


Foundations for Inclusion and Access: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2 pm

During this three hour workshop, participants will gain foundational knowledge of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and understand its use as a tool for accountability and accessibility.  We will reflect on the relevance of the Convention, particularly as it relates to poverty, contrast this to the new federal accessibility legislation, as well as assess how Edmonton can strengthen efforts to ensure people living with disability are able to come out of poverty and live a life of health and well-being.


5 pm - Dinner and Networking


6:30  pm - Dignity Day Improv Showcase

Weaving together film, narrative and comedy, performers from across the disabilities experience will share insights, hard truths and laughter in a multimedia showcase that brings the lived experiences of those with disabilities to the forefront.  Evening program proudly co created with Rapid Fire Theatre, disability artists and JHC.