Human Rights Awards Selection Criteria

Human Rights Awards 2018

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights presents annually awards to heroes in our community and province working to advance human rights.  The Human Rights Awards Selection Committee which includes two JHC Board of Directors representatives and up to six community members adjudicates the applications based on the following criteria:

Commitment to upholding human rights

  • The impact of the nominee’s work in creating an enabling environment conducive to the enjoyment of human rights and sustainable development.

  • The nominee’s contribution and commitment to strengthening and raising the voice of those most marginalized in our communities.

  • The risk or consequences endured by the nominee in the course of his, her or its work.

Current work to advance human rights: in daily life, work life, career… other than just their job

  • The extent to which the approach employed in the work of the nominee is responsive to the needs and rights of the people and seeks to elevate their voice.

  • The amount of time and resources expended by the nominee in carrying his, her or their work.

Level of Impact: Emphasis on Local Connection versus global

  • The impact of the nominee’s work or contribution in improving the understanding and respect for human rights among the community.

  • The impact of the nominee’s work or contribution in eliminating social injustice as well as discriminatory attitudes and practices.

Degree of Impact

  • The impact of the nominee’s work in promoting better monitoring and reporting mechanisms of human rights abuses.

  • The impact of the nominee’s work in promoting strengthened protection and participation for human rights.

  • The impact of the nominee’s work in breaking down barriers or spearheading new movements or projects embodying human rights.

Overall Commitment and Achievements

  • Looking at the nominee’s efforts, both volunteer and paid, the impact of their broader work and their level of commitment in the long term to human rights.

  • The uniqueness and innovation of the nominee’s work in shifting towards a culture of human rights.

  • The nominee lives human rights daily - in their interactions, in their frame of work, in their approaches - in all that they do.

  • Demonstrated contribution and dedication to human rights, social justice, diversity, equity and accessibility.



Neximar Alarcon