Tenant and Housing - Stride Tips

Capital Region Housing

Provides affordable housing for no orlow-income families.

Different programs:

  • Housing Program

            • Community Housing Program

            • Near Market Rental Program

  • Direct Rent Supplement Program (subsidy)
  • Disability related housing


Applicants can apply to all programs they are eligible for, but will only receive support for ONE program.

Visit www.crhc.ca for more information.

Housing Program:

Housing owned by Capital Region Housing (CRH)

Community Housing Program: subsidized rental program. “To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $7000.” (Capital Region Housing webpage).

  • For low- to moderate-income families
  • Required security deposit amount is based on income
  • Tenants pay a (30%) percentage of their income for rent

Near Market Rental Program:

  • For moderate-income families
  • Required security deposit amount is $350-$500
  • Tenants pay ~10-20% below the market rate
  • Tenants pay for power: heat is included

Direct Rent Supplement Program: Housing owned by private landlords

  • Provides assistance with rent to families who reside in properties that are not managed by CRH
  • Maximum subsidy up to $500
  • To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $7000.

Total gross household income cannot be more than the income limits stated below, based on the number of bedrooms you are eligible for:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.25.13 PM.png


  • When there is a change in income, it is mandatory to report the change(s) to CRH as soon as possible.
  • CRH cannot evict a tenant based on a change in income. Notice and further instructions on how to proceed must be given to tenants.
  • If your income has increased and paying a percentage of your income is more expensive than renting somewhere else, tenants may be eligible to move into a Near Market Rental Unit. In this case, tenants should ask to be transferred to the new unit before moving out of their current residence. If the income drops again, they can ask to be transferred to a Community Housing Unit when available.
  • If you have mice, insects or bed bugs: make sure you report it to CRH, the landlord is obligated to remedy the situation.
Stride - Tenant and Housing Tips

How does CRH allocate their units and subsidies?

  • Operates using a “points system” to prioritize applicants who need the most help
  • “Points” are assigned based on unique circumstances of applicants. For example:

        »» Top of the list (high priority) = unemployed applicants with dependent children; single parents, people with a disability, victims of abuse, acute risk of homelessness.

        »» Middle of the list (medium priority) = employed applicants with dependent children

        »» Bottom of the list (low priority) = applicants on income support and welfare with no dependent children

        »» People with health issues are prioritized


  • If any member of the family has a criminal record, the whole application goes to the bottom of the list and applicant may be ineligible for assistance from CRH
  • Application Forms are found online (http://crhc.ca/documents-and-forms/application-forms.aspx) or in-office at the address below: Capital Region Housing Corporation, 10232 - 112 Street NW. Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M4. (780) 420-6161


Consider the following when filling out an application form:

  • Children who are of 6 years of age or older must have their own bedroom
  • Boys and girls who are under 6 years of age cannot share the same bedroom
  • Senior housing options are mostly one-bedroom apartments
  • Eligibility for >1 bedroom is reserved, but not limited to, seniors with verified medical conditions, seniors with dependent children, etc.
  • Open preference for location speeds up processing time and may reduce wait time (i.e., the first available unit) if you reject an offer in a specific area of the city your name goes to the bottom of the list.
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