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Alberta Health Advocate

The Alberta Health Advocate has two different offices that respond to different legislation:

  • Mental health
  • Health advocate

Mental Health Advocate:
Mental Health advocacy legislation was issued in 1990


  • Patients who require hospitalization due to illness.
  • Patients with a Community Treatment Order (CTO): Live in community while taking medication and visiting the specialist regularly.

TIP: Legislation ensures human rights are recognized and upheld regardless of medical condition and the treatment location of the patient.

Stride - Alberta Health Advocate tips

How can the Health Advocate Office support patients and families?

  1. Provide information about rights to:
  • Patients
  • Friends/family
  • Community

    2. The Mental Health Advocate Office can investigate individual complaints. The complaint may result in “recommendations to hospital board, health authority, or a psychiatrist who issued a CTO.”

    3. The Health Advocate meets with the Minister of Health and government committees to make recommendations on improving quality of healthcare according to calls and issues shared by people.

    4. Public education of the healthcare system and ensure appropriate resources are provided to the patients and communities.

Health Advocate:

Health advocate legislation was issued in 2014

  • Health Act helps individuals navigate their way through the healthcare system.
  • Health Charter outlines individuals’ rights as a citizen of Alberta within the healthcare system.
  • General inquiries can be made by phone, email, or in-office visits. Representatives may guide and help clients understand the various processes (e.g., health- care, complaint, etc.)

How can the Health Advocate Office support patients and families?

  • The advocates listen to your problem and help you identify what the roots and parts of the problem are, where should you go, who to talk to, and what information you need.
  • In some situations, the advocates will talk to people in the healthcare system to improve quality of care.
  • People in the office are patient and listen to people who are sick and facing problems dealing with the health system.
  • Complaints can be filed at the office and may be redirected to the appropriate department when necessary.
  • When the office is unable to be of assistance, representatives will connect their clients to available resources to the best of their ability.

             • If resources are limited, client’s concerns will be raised to the Minister of Health.

  • Health is multidimensional, so representatives will often inquire about various aspects of an individual’s life to be able to identify the best supports (ie. personal in-
    formation, lifestyle, source of income, etc.)

  • The Office strives to make people independent and responsible for their own health. They will give advice on things that need
    to be asked and talked about with their doctor. They aim to empower people, helping them understand the healthcare system and know how to act.

When to contact the Office of Health Advocate

  • When there are concerns regarding quality of care in the system.
  • When there are concerns regarding the process of the system.

            • Even when there are no immediate solutions, it is important to let the office know these issues are occurring for possible future amendments

  • There are currently no interpreters in the office. Clients can schedule appointments ahead of time and request one but there is no guarantee an interpreter will be available by the time of the appointment. Alternatively, you are welcomed to invite your own translator to the office.
  • Email complaints can be submitted using a form online. For a callback, provide a phone number along with the message.

Most concerns have previously dealt with miscommunication and misinterpretation of the system protocols:

  • The Office works to develop ways for people to access resources on their own. This allows people to have autonomy over their health options + knowledge of the services they are entitled to.


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