Justice4Reel 2018

JUSTICE4REEL Creative Lab and Film Screening

The Justice4Reel  Creative Lab will take place December 6-8, 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. This three day event will bring together a team of 10-12 filmmakers from across the Prairies and Territories to learn, collaborate and create media for social change.   Participants will take part in skills-building workshops, mentorship opportunities, film screenings and share ideas with innovative storytellers and filmmakers from across Canada.

Participants will pitch an idea, issue or narrative to explore through film (submissions due July 15, 2018 to info@jhcentre.org). Each one will have the chance to pull apart, refine and expand upon their project idea with guidance from experienced artists and industry staff. Through a group mentorship approach participants will learn about the ethical impacts and components of storytelling, while learning what it takes to craft a professional  video treatment for a variety of audiences. Touching upon themes of justice, dignity and human rights, participants will build confidence and sharpen skills in communication, cooperation and filmmaking. Established filmmakers and industry professionals will act as mentors and moderators to lead the participants in mapping out and prototyping their ideas.

The ideas pitched and developed during the Justice4Reel Creative Lab will contribute to larger conversations and online social media campaigns that raise awareness of important issues in Canada.  Participants will be encouraged to engage in digital and social media to share their work with the larger community as their projects progress beyond the gathering. These project ideas and eventual videos will serve as legacy educational materials for social change, locally and nationally.


  • Challenging Our Story Timeline Activity: This activity is an important tool to create trust and personal connection among participants and is a great opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of the diverse stories that make up Canada; encouraging dialogue on the evolution of citizenship and inclusion.

  • Storytelling & Ethics: This workshop will facilitate learning techniques and etiquette in interviewing and storytelling. This will also teach about consent and ethics in film-making.

  • Group and One-on-one Review: Participants will spend time asking difficult questions related to their projects; breaking down ideas and building them back up again with feedback from professionals and peers.

  • Story and Edit: This applied workshop will answer technical questions; sharing tips and techniques related to storyboarding, film and edit.

  • Intersections of Justice and Dignity: The Creative Lab experience will help participants reflect on ideas of justice and dignity and what this means for our communities.  Participants will also hear about how to protect the integrity of one’s story while understanding how to pitch to various industry and audiences.

Justice4Reel 2018 participants will create connections and strategies to develop film projects that highlight important local issues in their communities. Participants will leave with the knowledge of how to craft a video treatment that clearly communicates their pitch to their chosen audience, build understanding with others, across experience and distance, while having the opportunity to connect with the NFB and other Canadian institutions.  Further, participants will have access to two JHC programs, This Is Our Canada and Righting Relations; youth and adult networks that support radical approaches to education and action across the Prairies.

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