Human Rights Help & Advice

While the John Humphrey Centre understands how difficult and frustrating it can be to have human rights complaints heard, it's beyond the scope of our mandate and expertise to offer any kind of advice, legal or otherwise, on these matters. The John Humphrey Centre is an education-based organization only

Because of the name of our organization, we get these kinds of inquiries often. Generally, we direct people to The Support Network, which you can reach by dialling 211, or to contact the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC) directly. You can contact AHRC by calling the Confidential Inquiry Line (780-427-7661 or 403-297-6571), or by visiting their website.

Support Network: Dial 211 on your phone

Legal Aid Alberta:

Alberta Human Rights Commission:

Alberta’s Mental Health Patient Advocate: If you have questions or concerns and are a youth, adult or senior receiving care in hospital under one or two admission certificates or renewal certificates, or subject to a Community Treatment Order (CTO) under the Mental Health Act, or are acting on behalf of someone who is, the Alberta Mental Health Patient Advocate may be able to help you. (

Alberta’s Child and Youth Advocate: The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate is an internal advocacy system. It provides a check and balance on behalf of young people when government intervention has been necessary to ensure their safety, security and development and when government has significant decision making responsibility and authority on their behalf. (