Free Media Advocacy School Call For Submission

Free Media Advocacy School

Born out of Justice4Reel Film Festival 2015-2018, partners John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, MacEwan University and the Edmonton Short Film Festival came together to offer an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to connect with and learn about local equity issues in order to create free media and public resources for social and political advocacy.

Free Media Advocacy School 

  • A 5-month film foundations and DIY technique training program facilitated by local experts. September 2019-January 202

  • Guided by accomplished filmmakers and educators in a mentorship approach that will spark inspiration, expand skills and professional networks.

  • Paired with emergent filmmakers and learning from front line advocates working in areas of justice, poverty, health and education; small teams will create short PSA’s addressing the topics explored, through their lens.

  • Members Only Media Screening (March 2020)

Mentor Bios

  • David Baron is an award-winning cinematographer with over 9 years of experience in the film industry and a true passion for his craft. David works on a wide range of projects including commercials, music videos, short films, documentaries and web-series. He has won a number of cinematography awards including Best Cinematography, Drama under 30 min at the 2018 Rosie Awards. Projects David has shot have gone on to win countless awards including Amber Valley which won a Canadian Screen Award for best web series or program, Fiction. David has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and his command of lighting and attention to his craft makes him one of Edmonton's most sought after cinematographers. David also has a strong passion for celluloid filmmaking and serves as the Film Chair at FAVA, the Film and Video Association of Alberta. 

  • Jack Belhumeur is Métis and was born in Edmonton, Alberta on Dec. 11, 1987. He started filmmaking in 2007 while making 16mm films. Jack’s films have received several awards and official selections around the world. With his films and storytelling Jack has covered topics such as homelessness, alcohol addiction, missing murdered indigenous women, the opiate overdose epidemic and respecting our elders. 

  • Holly Mazur has been working as a full-time freelance filmmaker since 2014. Holly started working in the industry as part of the camera department on local Edmonton TV shows, independent productions and feature films. After working on an assortment of projects, Holly soon transitioned to leading her own productions and operating her own filmmaking business. She has since created a wide range of short documentaries, music videos, and promotional content for clients ranging from large and small businesses, arts organizations, artists, charities, and local municipalities. Holly’s style often reflects heartfelt stories with a touch of whimsy or folksiness. She is inspired by capturing the beauty of everyday surroundings in the films and videos she creates.


  • Samantha Quantz is an Edmonton based filmmaker and owner/operator of The Juniper Motion Picture Company. She works as a freelance producer, locations manager, production manager and 1st assistant director for film and television projects as well as continuing to develop her own stories. She was the proud recipient of the 2019 Rosie Award for best music video “Aftermath” by Edmonton band Royal Tusk. Samantha is passionate about her community and supports local artistic creation through direct work with storytellers as well as serving on several boards and committees including Women In Film and Television Alberta, Director’s Guild of Canada - Edmonton member-at-large, and AMPIA’s professional development committee.

  • Shawn Tse is an amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton based filmmaker and educator passionate about social change through arts and media. A second-generation Chinese Canadian, Shawn believes that minority cultures are underrepresented in Canadian arts and heritage industries and actively works with the ethnocultural community. Shawn's love of community and storytelling has helped him develop the intergenerational cooking show “Seconds, Please!” and lead a community arts project "Figure 一, 二, 三, 六, 八" using Chinese ink paintings & film to highlight the historical and cultural impacts of Edmonton's ever-changing Chinatown. Previously a teacher in Asia, Shawn continues his education practice facilitating video workshops for community advocates through Alberta's anti-racism grant program as well as hosting "Culture on Film" screenings and discussions with Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation. 

  • Taro “T-Ro” Hashimoto is a long-standing producer and filmmaker in the Edmonton social development sector. With an eye for photographic composition and cinematic pacing, he has produced, edited, directed, soundtracked and worked on many films varying from immigrant youth advocacy and story-telling, indigenous rights and empowerment, music/art, drama, documentary, comedic and other forms of video works. Since before graduating from MacEwan University in 2006, T-Ro has worked closely with youth and communities as both musician/music producer and photographer/designer/film director/editor and combines these elements to support human rights and empowerment of people and youth. 

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